chinachill stands for chilling out in China, it stands for time off on high quality level, for active relaxing. It stands for distance from every day's life, for self-discovery.


chinachill flowerOur Offers
chinachill offers a remote ambiance in one of the most attractive areas of China where you can experience a meaningful stay. Healthy, traditional cuisine, the understanding of Chinese culture, extension studies and more will be offered. 

chinachill flower
Relax - Experience - Discover
There are many reasons why our guests are seeking a time off. The ambiance we offer, which reflects the needs of the seekers of relaxation, covers offers in traditional Chinese massage, meditation, training in holistic thinking, curses in traditional relaxation - techniques, programs for easy weight reduction, trips to understand Chinese cultural areas and landscapes - and some more activities to help you to find inner balance and relief.

chinachill flowerRecover - Stay healthy
Besides basic facilities like an apartment, room cleaning, food and beverage, sight seeing aso upgrades for additional activities and treats like heath care will be offered at low prices.

Special courses like Tai Ji-Quan, Qi Gong, Calligraphy will be offered at your discretion as well as training of techniques to help you staying healthy.
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There is a saying in China: