For whom is a stay at your place suitable?

chinachill - resort is suitable for everybody of every age, especially for guests who want to relax, look for rest, strive to deepen their China-knowledge or look for a long term residence.

What kind of visa do I need?

You will just need an ordinary tourist visa which you can get at your local Chinese Embassy.

People from which countries can attend?

Generally speaking we accept guests from all over the world. Communication languages will be Chinese, English and German.

Is there an insurance?

We will contract an insurance for you. This will be good for health care during your stay and in worst case for a free transport home.

What kinds of food will be provided?

The emphasis will be on healthy, tasty food, vegetarians and allergic persons' needs will be considered. Asian and western dishes will be served. Of course you can cook yourself too.

Is there medical attendance?

For simple cases Chinese physicians will be available, severe cases will be treated in the next hospital. In worst case a journey home will be organized.

What about sports?

Indoor sports facilities are existing. For outdoor sports jogging, biking, walking are recommended. Qi Gong, Taiji Quan courses are offered too.

Will trips be organized?

Yes, we frequently organize trips after different aspects, our guests will be well prepared for these journey and will be well attended.

Can I travel on my own?

Yes, you always can make trips on your own. Of course we will help you organizing.

How can I apply?

Please contact so that we can discuss matters