chinachill stands for chilling out in China, it stands for time off on high quality level, for active relaxing. It stands for distance from every day's life, for self-discovery.


chinachill flowerCompany Philosophy

Living in a time of hastening and speedup, increasing demands but less fulfillment and satisfaction, slowdown is a proper way to find ones own balance and self-definition. The traditional Chinese way knows many solutions to cope with our modern achievement-oriented society.
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chinachill flower
Our Offer

chinachill offers a remote ambiance in one of the most attractive areas of China where you can experience a meaningful stay. Healthy, traditional cuisine, the understanding of Chinese culture, extension studies and more will be offered. 
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chinachill flowerA Meaningful Stay - Treat - Experience

Burn out Syndrome and inner Emptiness, excessive demand by persistent information overflood?  Instead time off from stimulus satiation, experience of balance and harmony, gaining experience in stress relaxation ?
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There is a saying in China:


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